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COVID-19 and the Courts

While the Judicial Branch provides essential, constitutionally mandated services for the public that require business to continue during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking every possible step to minimize risk. We are continually making changes that will ensure access to the courts while protecting the health and safety of court personnel and the public.

“I appreciate the hard work and determination of the public, the legal community and court personnel who are quickly adapting to these changes,” Chief Justice of Kentucky John D. Minton Jr. said. “As difficult as these restrictions may be, the Judicial Branch must do its part to practice stringent social distancing while providing essential, constitutionally mandated services. The health and safety of all of us depend on it.”

We’ve escalated the Judicial Branch response to COVID-19 as the need for social distancing has become even more critical. Please see the Supreme Court orders, news releases and other documents on the right side of this page for details. This information will also be available on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Court Facilities Closed to In-Person Services April 1-May 31, 2020

Due to the anticipated surge in COVID-19 cases, the Supreme Court issued an order closing all state court judicial facilities to in-person services from April 1-May 31.

  • Only attorneys and parties required to attend emergency, in-person hearings and individuals seeking emergency protective orders, interpersonal protective orders or emergency custody orders will be permitted inside the building. Entry may be obtained by calling the circuit clerk's office.
  • All filings shall be mailed, eFiled, or conventionally filed using a drop-box provided outside the judicial facility.
  • Payments for court costs, fines, fees and restitution can be made by money order mailed to the circuit clerk's office or by cash or credit card by calling the circuit clerk’s office. Pre-payable citations can be paid online through ePay at
  • Individuals who need to post bond should contact the circuit clerk's office for further instruction.
  • Pursuant to Official Order No. 112155, entered on March 18, 2020, by the Secretary of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the expiration date for all driver’s licenses has been extended for 90 days. Accordingly, driver’s license services are suspended until further notice.

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