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Local Rules of Practice

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0404Pretrial Diversion Protocol - CircuitHopkins
0404Domestic Violence ProtocolHopkins
0404Local Family Court RulesHopkins
0404Local District Court RulesHopkins
0505Local Circuit Court RulesCrittenden, Union, Webster
0505Pretrial Diversion Protocol - CircuitCrittenden, Union, Webster
0505Local District Court RulesCrittenden, Union, Webster
0505Pretrial Diversion Protocol - DistrictCrittenden, Union, Webster
0505Domestic Violence ProtocolCrittenden, Union, Webster
0505Local Family Court RulesCrittenden, Union, Webster
0606Local Circuit Court RulesDaviess
0606Pretrial Diversion Protocol - CircuitDaviess
0606Local District Court RulesDaviess
0606Domestic Violence ProtocolDaviess
0707Local Circuit Court RulesLogan, Todd
0707Local District Court RulesLogan, Todd
0707Domestic Violence ProtocolLogan, Todd
0707Pretrial Diversion ProtocolLogan, Todd
0808Local Circuit Court RulesWarren
0808Local District Court RulesWarren
0808Domestic Violence ProtocolWarren
0808Local Family Court RulesWarren
0909Local Circuit Court RulesHardin
0909Local District Court RulesHardin
0909Local Mental Health Court RulesHardin