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Budget Office

The Budget Office is responsible for the budget, grants, and accounting and purchasing functions of the Kentucky Court of Justice.

Budget Office

The Administrative Office of the Courts is the fiscal agent for the Judicial Branch. The Budget Office prepares and executes the annual operating budget for the Judicial Branch and analyzes the fiscal impact of legislation. The department also prepares the Judicial Branch Biennial Budget Recommendation and Budget Request for submission to the Kentucky General Assembly.

The Judicial Branch is funded by appropriations from the General Assembly. The budget represents approximately 3 percent of the total state general funds for each biennium. The budget pays for all expenses of the state court system, including the salaries of elected officials and non-elected personnel, court facilities, court technology, office supplies and equipment.

All funds collected by the court system from filing fees and court costs are deposited into the state treasury for general fund disbursement. The only exceptions are the law library fee, the county jail fee and the sheriff security fee, which are distributed at the local level, and third-party money.

Division of Accounting and Purchasing

The Division of Accounting and Purchasing oversees the accounts payable function and tracks and monitors all Kentucky Court of Justice expenditures and receipts. The division also purchases supplies and processes travel vouchers for court system personnel.


The Budget Office is also responsible for seeking and applying for grants for the KCOJ.