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Fact Sheet

The report results will contain information based on state (not federal) court activity. It will contain case information on file for District Court and Circuit Court in the 120 Kentucky counties. Cases that have been expunged or purged by the county where the case was filed will not appear within the results.

Report results will contain the following case types:

  • Traffic ("T" type cases)
  • Misdemeanor ("M" type cases)
  • Felony Charges ("F" type cases)
  • Circuit Criminal ("CR" types cases)

The report will contain the following information:

  • County of origin (where the case was filed)
  • Case number
  • Original charge
  • Any amendments to the original charge
  • Disposition
  • Charge date
  • Disposition date
  • Any necessary memos as determined by the local circuit court clerk

The report results will state that it is “Not an Official Court Record” to indicate that it is not an indictment, judgment or order signed by a judge and entered into the court record by the circuit court clerk. The official court record is housed in the Office of Circuit Court Clerk in the county where the case was filed.

Third-Party Notification

If you request a report on another person and a record is found, the AOC Records Unit will notify that person that you requested his or her criminal record report. The Records Unit will also send that person a copy of his or her report results.