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Juvenile Justice Racial and Ethnic Disparities

CASELOAD: Yearly by Category

This report presents counts of cases filed or closed over a period of several years. The trend visualization emphasizes the relative change in rate of filing of each group or category of cases, with the Y axis indicating percent change per category and mark size indicating the number of cases. Hover over a mark on the chart to see details. A cross-tabulation of counts is also available. 

This report is ideal for answering questions such as “How many adoption cases were filed in Kentucky?” where the most important factor is the type of case. For statistics related to a particular jurisdiction, e.g. “How many Family Court cases were filed in Kentucky?” try the jurisdiction report.

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Report Controls

The report presents counts of Kentucky trial court cases filed per case group and category (see definitions below) with a variety of options available for selection.
Filed or Closed
Controls whether the report shows the number of cases filed or closed during the specified timeframe. If “Filed” is selected, cases are reported per year by case filing date. If “Closed” is selected, cases are reported per year by case disposition date.
By default, all cases statewide are reported. Any county or group of counties may be selected. The title will automatically update to show the county or counties selected but may not function correctly for large groups of specific counties.

Case Group/Category

The colorful boxes allow for easy switching from one case group to another, or to show a summary of all groups. Hold Control and click multiple groups to see them together. The drop-down filter on Case Group/Category provides finer control, allowing for the addition or removal of groups or categories from the report. By default, or when the “All” button is selected, this filter controls which groups are visible. When one or more groups are selected and categories are visible, this filter controls which categories appear.

Calendar/Fiscal Year

Switches the report between calendar year, the Kentucky Fiscal Year (FY), and the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY). The Calendar Year begins January 1, the Kentucky Fiscal Year begins July 1, and the Federal Fiscal Year begins October 1.
Minimum and Maximum Year
The report includes cases filed since and including the minimum year and through and including the maximum year. If the current year is selected, the report is run for Year-to-date (YTD) with this indicated.

Other Information


All counts presented in this report are counts of distinct cases. A criminal case in Kentucky may pertain to one or more charges of criminal offenses.

Percent Difference vs. Case Count

Designed to emphasize changing trends in caseload rates for each group or category of cases, the line chart visualization measures the percent difference of cases filed/closed relative to the first (left most) year shown on the chart rather than the absolute number of cases. 
For instance, there were over 42,000 Circuit Criminal Cases filed in CY 2019, compared to the roughly 32,000 Circuit Criminal cases filed in CY 2010 – an increase of about 33%, whereas there were over 371,000 District Criminal cases filed in CY2019 compared to over 455,000 District Criminal cases filed in CY 2010. This is visualized here as a thinner yellow line trending upward and a thicker red line trending downward to show the relative increase but smaller overall number of Circuit Criminal cases vs. the relative decrease and overall larger number of District Criminal cases.
Hovering over a mark on this chart will show both the percent difference and the true number of cases, and the numbers of cases are available in the cross-tabulation.

Case Group and Category

Cases are categorized into broad groups and narrow categories for the purpose of reporting.

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