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Frequently Asked Questions

When does a vacancy occur?

An office is vacant at the time of the retirement, resignation or death of a circuit court clerk.

How is the vacancy filled?

Within 30 days after a vacancy occurs, the chief judge of the judicial circuit shall appoint a qualified individual to serve until the next appropriate election. KRS 30A.150.

How do you become “qualified”?

The chief circuit judge responsible for making the appointment shall designate a person or persons to take a special clerk’s examination. The person or persons who pass the special clerk’s examination are then qualified for appointment to serve in the vacant office. SCR 1.060.

What is the special clerk’s examination?

The special circuit clerk’s examination is administered only after a vacancy occurs. It covers the same topics as the general examination: the Kentucky Circuit Court Clerk’s Manual, the Kentucky Circuit Court Clerk’s Accounting Manual, the Kentucky Court of Justice Personnel Policies, and general knowledge questions.

When will a special clerk’s examination be scheduled?

A special circuit clerk’s examination will be scheduled upon designation by the Chief Circuit Judge of the person or person(s) to take the exam. Designees will be provided with information about testing date, location and registration requirements.

What if I want to run to fill the remainder of a circuit clerk’s unexpired term?

A special circuit clerk’s examination will be administered to any persons wishing to run for the remainder of a circuit clerk’s unexpired term not less than 30 days nor more than 60 days before the deadline for filing for election.

The AOC is unable to provide guidance to candidates or potential candidates regarding the process of filing for or seeking elective office. For information about the filing process or filing deadlines, contact the county clerk in your county of residence or the Secretary of State in Frankfort at (502) 564-3490.