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About the Circuit Court Clerk Conduct Commission

The purpose of the Circuit Court Clerk Conduct Commission is to support circuit court clerks in maintaining high standards of integrity, impartiality and independence in order to promote public confidence in the judicial system. Circuit court clerks perform duties prescribed by the Kentucky Constitution, statutes, rules and administrative procedures that are integral to Kentucky Court of Justice operations. They have a prominent role at the front counter of the statewide judicial system. To that end, this Commission will assist the chief justice of Kentucky and the Supreme Court of Kentucky by receiving and investigating complaints involving circuit court clerks and making recommendations to the chief justice for action.

The Supreme Court created the Circuit Court Clerk Conduct Commission after consulting with the full membership of the Kentucky Association of Circuit Court Clerks and adopting an administrative procedure, which became effective Jan. 1, 2013.


Stephanie J. King-Logsdon
McLean County Circuit Court Clerk

Judge Bill Mains, ret.
Circuit Court

Stacy E. Miller
Attorney, Stoll Keenon Ogden, Lexington


Loretta Crady
Hardin County Circuit Court Clerk

Michael D. Redden
Pendleton County Circuit Court Clerk

Beverly Smits
Bourbon County Circuit Court Clerk

Gwen Billingsley
Citizen Member

Alternate Members

Linda Avery
Calloway County Circuit Court Clerk

David L. Nicholson
Jefferson County Circuit Court Clerk

Craig L. Overstreet
Casey County Circuit Court Clerk

Tanya P. Terry
Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk

Judge Stephen K. Mershon, ret.
Jefferson Circuit Court

Stacey Hughes
Attorney, Director of Human Resources
Logan Aluminum

Larry Kelley
Citizen Member