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Judicial Ethics Opinions

May a circuit judge appoint his or her sibling to the position of master commissioner?May a circuit judge appoint his or her sibling to the position of master commissioner? 
JE_127.pdfDisqualification of Judges and Remittal of Disqualification 
Judicial Ethics Opinion JE-126May a judge be a member, and be on the board, of a group which will seek approval and funding for a "Recovery Kentucky" center located in a county in which the judge sits? 
Judicial Ethics Opinion JE-125What is the definition of the phrase "in person" as used in Canon 5B(2)?  
Judicial Ethics Opinion JE-124May a candidate for judicial office have, as the candidate's campaign chairperson, a person who currently serves as a public official and which official was elected in a partisan election? 
Judicial Ethics Opinion JE-123May a District Court Trial Commissioner continue to serve in that capacity if the commissioner's law partner becomes an Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney? 
Judicial Ethics Opinion JE-122Recusal issues where a Drug Court or Mental Health Court judge presides in a revocation hearing based on defendant's violation of terms of participation in drug or mental health program. 
JE_121Whether a judge's staff attorney or law clerk could be appointed to the additional position of trial commissioner 
JE_120Senior status judge practice of law: serving as co-counsel defending attorney charged with ethics violation before the Kentucky Bar Association 
JE_119May a judge or justice participate in an internet-based social networking site, such as facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, or twitter, and be "friends" with various persons who appear before the judge in court? 
JE_118May a Kentucky judge or justice, consistent with the code of judicial conduct, serve as a director on the board of directors or on the advisory board of a financial institution?Affirmed and Modified, Walson v. Ethics Committee of the Kentucky Judiciary, 308 S.W.3d 205 (Ky. 2010)
JE_117May a Kentucky judge or justice, consistent with the code of judicial conduct, serve as a member of the board of trustees of a public university? 
JE_116 Caution is advised. Carey v. Wolnitzek, 2008 WL 4602786 (E.D.Ky. 2008)
JE_115Senior Status Judges on the subject of their ability, or restrictions on their ability, to market themselves as mediators. 
JE-114May a judicial candidate's campaign committee accept unsolicited contributions from political parties? May a judicial candidate distribute yard signs and other campaign literature to political parties and public officials who request them? 
JE_113May a judicial candidate use either current or past nonpartisan public officials as chairpersons or campaign members for his or her campaign?Caution is advised. Carey v. Wolnitzek, 2008 WL 4602786 (E.D.Ky. 2008)
JE_112Is it proper for a judicial candidate to personally telephone a potential donor, request his support, and then hand the phone to a committee fundraiser who then solicits a donation?Caution is advised. Carey v. Wolnitzek, 2008 WL 4602786 (E.D.Ky. 2008).
JE_111When may the candidates who intend to run for such offices begin fund-raising? 
JE110.pdfMay a retired Senior Status Judge who is working as a realtor/auctioneer permit others in the business to refer to him as "Judge?" 
JE108.pdfMay a candidate for a district judge position campaign as a future family court judge where the Chief Justice has announced his intention to create a family court judgeship in place of the District Court position after the November election in 2006 and on January 1, 2007? 
JE107.pdfIs it ethically permissible for a judge to, by personal letter, urge members of the local bar to donate time to a specific pro bono association on a free or reduced fee basis? 
JE106.pdfTo what extent has the United States Supreme Court Opinion "Republican Party of Minnesota v. White" impacted the political speech clause of Kentuck's Canon 5 of the Code of Judicial Conduct.Invalid and withdrawn. See, Canon 5B(1)(c)
JE105.pdfMay a sitting judge or a judicial candidate identify himself/herself as a member of a specific political party and further comment on the probable effect of such political party membership on an impending governor's appointment to a judicial vacancy in response to a direct question when: (1) Such questions are asked during a television interview by a member ofthe local press; and (2) The known audience includes, but is not limited to the entire geographic area/county wherein the sitting judge or judicial candidate is seeking election; and (3) The sitting judge or judicial candidate is voluntarily participating in the interview for the specific purpose ofpromoting his/her candidacy and convincing the voting public to elect said sitting judge or judicial candidate to a judicial office?Invalid and withdrawn. Carey v. Wolnitzek, 2008 WL 4602786 (E.D.Ky. 2008).
JE104.pdfIn the absence of a formal request from the Governor may a judge communicate with the Governor's office regarding a pardon and in the absence of a formal request from the parole board may the judge communicate with the board regarding a parole proceeding? 
JE103.pdf1) Where a judge's attorney in a pending matter or his opponent's attorney appears in front of him, must the judge automatically disqualify? 2) Where members of the law firm of the judge's attorney or members of the law firm of his opponents' attorneys appear in front of the judge, must he automatically disqualify? 3) Where a co-defendant's lawyer or another member of the law firm appears before the judge, is the judge disqualified? 

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