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Judicial Ethics Committee

The Judicial Ethics Committee only responds to inquiries by judges or judicial candidates regarding the ethical implications of their own prospective or on-going conduct. No response will be made to inquiries by any judge or judicial candidate about the ethical behavior of anyone other than himself or herself. The Committee will not respond to inquiries by any person who is not a judge or judicial candidate.

The Judicial Ethics Committee has conducted a review of all previous formal opinions and determined that some of them should be withdrawn due to modifications in the rules, statutes and case law. Some opinions that are still valid reference the old 1978 Code with its canon numbers and so the new canons are noted. Other opinions which are presently still valid should be followed with caution in view of recent federal court rulings that are on appeal. Both the list of the opinions and the opinions themselves contain the pertinent information.

For historical purposes, opinions considered invalid and withdrawn are still contained on the website. Users of the website are requested to take notice of their status and proceed accordingly. Once the federal appeals are concluded, the JEC will make the necessary adjustments.

Judicial Ethics Opinions

Contact Information

Executive Secretary:
Jean Collier, Esq.

Judicial Ethics Committee
150 North Limestone, Suite 301
Lexington, KY 40507

Phone: 859-246-2296