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Certification of Reciprocity in Kentucky

Reciprocity in Kentucky is only available to certified interpreters. Certification must have been granted either by another state court system that uses the exams provided by the Consortium for Language Access in the Courts at the National Center for State Courts, (NCSC), or the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Program.

Requirements to be considered for reciprocity in Kentucky are as follows:

  • Pass an equivalent oral examination in another state.
  • The following criteria must be met in order for the exam to be considered valid: 
    •  The exam must have been developed by the Consortium for Language Access in the Courts. Federal oral exams offered by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts also satisfy this requirement.
    • The exam must have tested all modes of interpreting in one sitting, except in those cases in which a language is tested using an official Consortium Abbreviated Exam.
    • The candidate must have passed the exam with a score of at least 70% on each segment of the exam. This requirement will be enforced even if the candidate’s cumulative total score is above 70%.
  • Pass a criminal history background check to the satisfaction of the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts. Please complete and submit form “Certification Request Form for Criminal Background Checks (AOC-INT-4)
  • Submit verification of good standing as an interpreter in another state.
  • Submit a completed copy of the following forms:  
    • Request for Reciprocity (AOC-INT-12) form and a $100 fee
    • Acceptance of the Kentucky Certification Policy (AOC-INT-3)
    • Release Form (AOC-INT-7)
    • Information Form (AOC-INT-5)
    • Acceptance of the Interpreter Oath and Code of Professional Responsibility (AOC-INT-6)
  • Read the Code of Professional Responsibility and other relevant laws and procedures that govern interpreting services in Kentucky. 
  • Attend an Orientation Workshop Part 2 and complete the necessary court observation hours

Please contact Kentucky’s Court Interpreting Services Division prior to completing the Application for Kentucky Reciprocity Certification in order to ensure that you meet all the requirements for reciprocity.

Kentucky reserves the right to grant reciprocity on a case-by-case basis.