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Continuing Education

Continuing education is required by the KCOJ and the AOC to ensure that the interpreters who serve in state courts maintain and improve their interpreting skills, and that the interpreters are in compliance with the Code of Professional Responsibility.

The AOC shall require both certified and registered interpreters to complete a minimum of twenty four (24) hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) during each two (2) year period of qualification status. Interpreters must have at least four (4) hours of education in ethics during each two year period. Each clock hour of activity shall be counted as one (1) CEU.

Proof of compliance with the continuing education units and the required court observation hours shall be submitted to the AOC Court Interpreting Services Division bi-annually before July 1.

CEUs may be earned by attending courses, workshops, lectures, or other activities which have topics relevant to court procedures and court interpreting where attendance is monitored and verifiable. An interpreter may also receive CEUs for instructing, training, or presenting at a pre-approved activity. The AOC shall require verification of attendance or participation through the completion of the Continuing Education Form.

Please send all forms to:
Administrative Office of the Courts
Court Interpreting Services
1001 Vandalay Drive
Frankfort, KY 40601