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Citizen Foster Care Review Board

Interested Party Reviews

Click here if you are an interested party to a review conducted by the Citizen Foster Care Review Board.

How to Become a CFCRB Volunteer

Advocating for the dependent, neglected and abused children in your community can be an important way to invest your time. Citizen Foster Care Review Board volunteers come from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds but they all have in common a deep compassion for children. Of those who volunteer, the majority are female, the average age is 51 and the average length of service is 5.13 years.

Those interested in volunteering must complete a six-hour initial training session and consent to a criminal record and central registry check. New volunteers are trained in the following:

  • Department of Community Based Services procedures
  • Forms used in abuse, neglect and dependency cases
  • The court process
  • Mental health issues of children in out-of-home care
  • How to conduct a file review

Once the training is completed, a recommendation is made to the chief judge of the local District Court or Family Court for appointment. Judges appoint volunteers for three-year terms. All volunteers receive a comprehensive handbook on the program and opportunities to earn the required six hours of annual continuing education.

Review Board Meetings

The review boards usually meet once a month for approximately two hours. Each board consists of at least three members, with some boards having as many as 12 members.