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Interested Party Review

Interested Party Review is an interactive interview process involving Citizen Foster Care Review Board volunteers, parents, care providers, service providers, Cabinet personnel, and attorneys.  The review focuses on the parents’ and child’s case plans and the progress being made to secure permanency for the child.

During the review the following will take place:

  • The review session should last approximately thirty to forty minutes.
  • You will have the opportunity to provide information you feel is important to the child’s care and progress.
  • You may provide the board with written information you want them to consider.
  • All information disclosed during the review is confidential.
  • All interested parties who participate in the review take an oath of confidentiality.
  • Following the review, the board will submit a findings and recommendations report to the judge involved in the case.
  • This program is officially sanctioned by the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Your input and participation is very important to the review board.  You may complete and submit one of the following questionnaires to the CFCRB based on your relationship to the child: