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Cooperative Parenting & Divorce

The Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Program is an intensive eight-week program designed to assist divorcing or divorced parents in reducing parental conflict and the risk factors that influence the child’s post divorce adjustment. This program is not only for divorcing or divorced parents, it can also include paternity cases; abuse, neglect, dependency cases; unmarried couples; and any action of the court involving children who may be placed in the middle of conflict. The program addresses the relationship between separate households that resulted from parental conflict. It is designed to improve the quality of the parental relationship in situations of custody, separate maintenance, change of custody, child support, paternity and etc. The program is suited for those parents exhibiting moderate to mild levels of conflict.

The overall emphasis of Cooperative Parenting is to be able to offer children of divorce or unmarried couples a home environment free from being caught in the middle of their parents’ hostility and conflict. The goals of the Cooperative Parenting and Divorce “Group Format” are to:

  • Assist parents in shifting their role from former spouses to co-parents
  • Educate parents regarding the impact of parental conflict on their child’s development
  • Help parents identify their contribution to conflict while increasing impulse control
  • Teach parents anger management, communication, and conflict-resolution skills
  • Educate parents about children’s issues in divorce

Family relationships do not disappear when a marriage ends in separation or divorce. For the sake of their children, divorcing parents or unmarried parents should continue to communicate with each other in all matters of child rearing and wellbeing. A child’s adjustment to divorce is determined in part by how well divorcing parents share the joint responsibility of raising their children in a cooperative atmosphere. Unrelenting parental conflict is the single most common cause of poor adjustment in children following a divorce.

Program Benefits

The Cooperative Parenting and Divorce program benefits divorcing or divorced parents and unmarried parents by:

  • Helping them rebuild their lives as separate individuals
  • Teaching effective communication and conflict-resolution skills helpful in their parenting relationship as well as with other relationships in the workplace
  • Helping them recognize the bond between the child and both parents
  • Fostering sensitivity to the child’s needs
  • Directing them to accept responsibility for their own actions that contribute to stressful interactions

The Cooperative Parenting and Divorce program benefits society and the legal system by:

  • Decreasing future litigation, court costs, and time
  • Increasing the likelihood that the non-custodial parent will remain active in the child’s life by keeping parents working as a cooperative team
  • Reducing adolescent drop and alcohol problems, teenage pregnancy, school drop-out rates, and crime associated with children of divorce
  • Diminishing the likelihood of relationship difficulties and divorce in the child’s future
  • Expanding the definition of “family,” thereby preserving and strengthening the family structure

Contact Information

Administrative Office of the Courts
100 Millcreek Park
Frankfort, KY 40601

Phone: 502-573-2350

Program Coordinator

Training is not offered through the Administrative Office of the Courts. To find a list of the training locations and dates, please contact: