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Parents Achieving with Collaborative Teams

Jefferson County Project

PACT is an innovative court-community collaboration project designed to manage conflict and improve child well-being in high conflict, separated families who are unable to resolve custody/parenting issues and who continue to re-litigate.

The PACT project is a six session program that is led by a qualified facilitator (licensed marriage and/or family therapist) that combines conflict resolution and family/community support.

The major goals of the project are:

    1. Help high conflict divorced/separated parents better understand their children’s needs and concerns

    2. Help parents protect their children inter-parental conflict

    3. Reduce repeated litigation over unresolved parenting issues

    4. Develop a parenting/resolving conflict plan

    5. Increase compliance with parenting plans that best meet the needs of the child.

To be referred, family court judges and attorneys will identify potentially eligible parents based on the following selection criteria:

    1. Parents who have a divorce case, pre or post decree

    2. Parents with at least one child between the ages of six and eleven

    3. All members of the family reside in Jefferson County, KY

    4. Parents have filed two or more motions related to custody or visitation issues

    5. Outstanding issues revolved around custody and visitation issues, not property or child support.

Typically these cases have experienced changes in attorneys, cross Emergency Protective Orders that do not result in Domestic Violence Orders, mutual restraining orders, contempt motions, motions for attorney’s fees, emergency motions and orders, or etc.

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