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Parents Education Clinic

Parents Education Clinic is designed to educate divorcing parents about emotional disruption. Children's programs are not always available.

Goals of the PEC program include:

1) to make parents aware of their children's needs and fears at the time of the break up

2) to give parents ideas and skills to be able to co-parent while going through the divorce and afterward

3) to help parents focus on their children during this stressful time.

Topics addressed during the sessions include identifying potential pitfalls, conflict resolution, stress management, guidance, and support services.

The centerpiece of the PEC program is the 20 minute videotape "Children and Divorce: Impact and Solutions," and the accompanying booklet, "The Middle is No Place for a Child." The videotape is stopped after each segment and then discussed.

The PEC program lasts approximately two (2) hours. One parent and any children attend concurrent but separate sessions, while the other parent attends the class on a separate time during the week. Children's programs are not always available at each site. (Some PEC sites will allow both parents to attend the same session as long as there is not a Domestic Violence Order. Contact your county to see if this applies.)

Facilitators spend time answering questions and responding to participants' concerns about their children or their co-parenting relationship. Participants have the opportunity to talk about their experiences, ideas and goals through small group discussions.

A nominal fee may be charged to cover the expense of each session.

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