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Parents are for Good

Parents are for Good is a program designed for divorcing or recently divorced parents to educate them about the effects of divorce on their children. This program is not always available for children.

The program includes information about what behaviors to expect from the children and how to deal with those behaviors, as well as tips on how to make the divorce experience less traumatic for everyone.

Several instruction methods are used, including:

    1. A videotape "Children and Divorce: Impact and Solutions"

    2. Informal discussions

    3. A booklet of helpful information that is given to each participant.

The program consist of:

    1. The divorce experience for the adults

    2. The divorce experience for the children

    3. What can parents do

    4. Children who are at risk and what to do

    5. Divorce mediation

    6. Community and reading resources

    7. Looking to the future

    8. Video experience

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