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Turning it Around

"Turning It Around" is a collaborative effort, which works in conjunction with the Home Incarceration Program, with most of the attendees coming from contempt proceedings in Family Court in non-support cases.

The purpose of the program is to increase the collection of child support payments, reduce recidivism in contempt cases, and encourage and increase cooperative parenting.

Turning It Around may be offered as part of a plea agreement for those facing sentencing.

Compliance with the program requires making weekly child support payments as well as attending a twelve (12) week class.

The topics covered at these classes include, but are not limited to, taking personal responsibility for their children, financial management and co-parenting. Also offered to the participants are job training and placement services.

Topics covered at these classes include:

1. Identifying things I do well

2. Being a man

3. Being a father to my children

4. Building a relationship with my children

5. Meeting the emotional & physical needs of my children

6. Parenting with my children's mother

7. Dealing with the legal system

8. Making healthy choices about alcohol & drugs

9. Deciding to be sexually responsible

10. Preparing for and finding the employment I want

11. Being in control of my finances

12. Dealing with conflict.

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