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Divorced & Divorcing Parents

Children in the Middle curriculum is a skills-based program that helps children and parents deal with the children's reaction to divorce. The program is designed to reduce children's risk for post-divorce maladjustment by reducing the loyalty conflicts experienced by the children. This program is not always available for children.

"What About the Children: A guide for divorced and divorcing parents" is a comprehensive booklet with sections that include the effects of divorce on children (by age and gender), single parenting, new relationships, types of custody, and dealing with the legal system.

The goal of this program is to improve divorcing parents' awareness of how children cope with the parents' divorce and what factors are associated with positive and negative adjustments. With this increased awareness, parents will likely act to improve their children's adjustment to this change in the family.

Parents view a 35-minute "Children in the Middle" video narrated by a dynamic husband-and-wife team. The video features realistic scenes portrayed by actual families of divorce showing inappropriate and appropriate methods of handling conflict.

The video teaches parents the skills they need to avoid putting their children in the middle of their conflicts. The video is stopped at cued discussion points to allow parents the opportunity to respond to questions about how children feel when caught in loyalty binds and what they can do to resolve the conflict.

Children view a 37-minute "Children in the Middle" video that is designed specifically for children to help them understand and deal with their reactions to divorce and conflict.