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Court Notices

Pursuant to the following General Order Concerning Financing of the Fayette County Law Library signed by Judge Isaac on December 27, 2006, effective January 15, 2007 an additional $.50 will be collected in District Criminal/Traffic and an additional $1.00 will be collected in Circuit Civil and District Civil Divisions for Library Fees.

Filing Fees for Lawsuits go up a $1.00) (Traffic/Criminal Costs go up $.50).


General Order


In compliance with the Order of the Chief Justice of the Supreme court of Kentucky entered June 22, 2005, pursuant to KRS 172.180, and it appearing to the Fayette Circuit Court that three-fourths (3/4) or more of the duly licensed and practicing attorneys in Fayette County have petitioned the Court to adopt the method of financing permitted by said statute, according to the previous order of the Fayette Circuit Court dated August 29, 1960, and having recognized the need for a more adequate law library, it is therefore ordered as follows:

1. The Court acknowledges that the attorneys listed on a petition attached to the 1960 Order have signed said petition, and that those attorneys are duly licensed and practiced here in Fayette County, Kentucky, as of the date of the petition, and that the Fayette Fiscal Court adopted a resolution endorsing this method of financing, a copy of which is attached to the 1960 order, and dated August 24, 1960.

2. It is hereby ordered that the optional plan for financing the cost of operation and maintenance of the Fayette County Law Library as provided for in KRS 172.180, as amended in 1996, has been adopted.

3. That effective January 15, 2007:

(a) Pursuant to KRS 172.180 (3)(a), there shall be taxed as costs in all criminal actions, except examining trials and felony trials, thereafter instituted in said court the following fee, which shall be designated as county law library fee, in district court the sum of fifty cents ($.50); in circuit and district courts on all civil actions a sum of one dollar ($1.00) and

(b) that the circuit clerk shall at the end of the month pay all sums collected as county law library fees during the preceding month to the trustees of the county law library, and the clerk shall make a full report with said payment, and receive a receipt for all payments.

So Ordered this the 27th day of December, 2006.

Sheila Isaac, Chief Judge
Fayette Circuit Court