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Mental Health Division

The Mental Health Division assists individuals who are petitioning the district court for:

  • Emergency or Permanent Guardianship of an individual who can no longer manage his or her own personal affairs or finances;
  • Involuntary commitment or treatment of an adult;
  • Involuntary admission of a mentally handicapped person.

Further, this division processes the intake of petitions for involuntary commitment/treatment, new disability petitions, modifications/termination of guardianship or restoration of rights. Also, this division processes motions and pleadings, annual financial reports and judicial orders.

Cases in this division are confidential by statute; however, the Order of Appointment, Judgments and Orders affecting judgments are public record.


Parking is available for both courthouses in the parking structure behind the District Courthouse. Entrance to the garage is located on Barr Street. There is an underground tunnel between both courthouses that may be accessed in the basement of both buildings.


150 N. Limestone Street
Suite D-102, First Floor
Lexington, Kentucky 40507



Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.


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