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Motion Hour

Motion hour is held on Monday for Family Court proceedings. If Monday is a holiday, motion hour will usually be held on Tuesday.

When you file a motion, you must notify all of the involved parties by first-class mail that the case is being put on the docket. The other party must receive notice three business days prior to the court date.

Sometimes Family Court judges change their schedules and do not hear a particular type of case during a given week. The clerk assisting you will know when the various dockets are scheduled and can assist you in obtaining the correct date for your motion hour.

For any other types of cases such as paternity; dependency, neglect and abuse; domestic violence or status offenses, motions are scheduled for the day a particular division hears that type of case. The clerk can tell you what day of the week a division hears a certain type of case.

Motion Hour
DivisionFloor/RoomCircuit Court Motion HourDocket Schedule
Division 14th Floor, Room 4019 a.m.Division 1, Judge Angela Johnson
Division 24th Floor, Room 4029:30 a.m.Division 2, Judge Hugh Smith Haynie
Division 34th Floor, Room 40310 a.m.Division 3, Judge Ellie Kerstetter
Division 45th Floor, Room 50110:30 a.m.Division 4, Judge Lauren Adams Ogden
Division 55th Floor, Room 50211 a.m.Division 5, Judge Tara Hagerty
Division 65th Floor, Room 50311:30 a.m.Division 6, Judge A. Christine Ward
Division 75th Floor, Room 504NoonDivision 7, Judge Denise Brown
Division 86th Floor, Room 60212:30 p.m.Division 8, Judge Deana McDonald
Division 96th Floor, Room 6031 p.m.Division 9, Judge Gina K. Calvert
Division 106th Floor, Room 6001:30 p.m.Division 10, Judge Derwin L. Webb

Filing Deadline Schedule

  • Monday: Tuesday by 4 p.m.
  • Tuesday: Wednesday by 4 p.m.
  • Wednesday: Thursday by 4 p.m.
  • Thursday: Friday by 4 p.m.
  • Friday: Monday by 4 p.m.