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Accounting Department

The Accounting Department records, receipts and reports all financial transactions for the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk. This department also provides support to other departments regarding cash registers and accounting-related matters.

Restitution Payments

The Accounting Department posts and disburses restitution payments ordered by Circuit Court and Juvenile Court. Juvenile Court information is confidential. District Court restitution questions are answered through the County Attorney’s Office.

Bail Bonds

The Accounting Department controls the bond ledger cards and disburses funds back to the surety when ordered by the court. For bail bond information, contact the court where the bond was posted:

  • Circuit Court cases containing CR: 502-595-3009
  • District Court cases containing T, M, F: 502-595-4428
  • Juvenile Court cases containing J, FJ, N: 502-595- 3116
  • Family Court cases containing FC, FV, F, PA: 502-595-3025

Money Collected for Others

The Accounting Department collects payments that are court ordered and holds the funds until a court order is received by the appropriate court to disburse. For more information, contact the office where the case is filed.

Jury Checks

The Accounting Department disburses and mails checks to individuals who serve on jury duty.

Contact Information

Accounting Department
Office of Circuit Court Clerk
Louis D. Brandeis Hall of Justice
2nd Floor, Room 2018
600 W. Jefferson St.
Louisville, KY 40202
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Monday - Friday

9:30 a.m.- 4 p.m.