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Civil Circuit Appeals

A party who takes exception to (disagrees with) a ruling or jury verdict in Circuit Civil may appeal the case to a higher court. Appeals for Circuit Civil are heard in either the Kentucky Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court of Kentucky. Appeals from District Civil and District Criminal cases are heard in Circuit Court. When filing an appeal from a Circuit Civil case, a $160 filing fee must be paid through the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk. Once the filing fee has been paid, the notice of appeal will be filed. The case will be certified only after the pre-hearing conference order from the Court of Appeals is recorded. Once the record has been certified, it will be transmitted to the appellate court upon request. When an appeal is filed in Circuit Court from a District Court case, the case will be delivered to the judge only after a statement of appeal and counterstatement is filed. The case is then delivered to the court to which the case is assigned.