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Filing Complaints and Method of Service

Supreme Court of Kentucky Rules provide the procedures for filing a civil case in Circuit Court. By having the appropriate documents and copies, we will be able to process your case more quickly and efficiently. Please review the following procedures. If you have any questions, call the Circuit Civil Suit Desk at 502-595-3007.

1. You must provide the original complaint, which will be retained in the case file.

2. You must provide a copy of the complaint for service upon each defendant.

3. You must provide a sufficient number of civil summonses or warning order affidavits for each defendant listed in the complaint. For WOAs, provide the affidavit and a copy of the complaint.

4. The Jefferson County Office of Circuit Court Clerk no longer accepts personal checks, however attorney and business checks are accepted. Checks should be made payable to David L. Nicholson, Circuit Court Clerk or the Jefferson County Circuit Court Clerk.

5. You will need to provide an extra set of documents if you wish to retain your own file stamped copy.

6. If the case is being filed via mail, provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.