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Johnson, Lawrence & Martin Family Court

Monday (1st & 3rd)9 a.m.Lawrence CountyMotion Hour/Paternity/Child Support/TPR/Adoptions
Monday (1st & 3rd)1 p.m.Lawrence CountyFinal/Evidentiary Hearings
Monday (2nd & 4th)9 a.m.Lawrence CountyDomestic Violence
Monday (2nd & 4th)9:15 a.m.Lawrence CountyJuvenile Status Offenses
Monday (2nd & 4th)9:30 a.m.Lawrence CountyDependency, Neglect & Abuse
Monday (2nd & 4th)1 p.m.Lawrence CountyFinal/Evidentiary Hearings
Tuesday (1st & 3rd)9 a.m.Johnson CountyDomestic Violence
Tuesday (1st & 3rd)9:15 a.m.Johnson CountyJuvenile Status Offenses
Tuesday (1st & 3rd)9:30 a.m.Johnson CountyDependency, Neglect & Abuse
Tuesday (1st & 3rd)1 p.m.Johnson CountyFinal/Evidentiary Hearings
Tuesday (2nd & 4th)9 a.m.Johnson CountyMotion Hour/Paternity/Child Support/TPR/Adoptions
Tuesday (2nd & 4th)1 p.m.Johnson CountyFinal/Evidentiary Hearings
Wednesday (1st & 3rd)9 a.m.Martin CountyMotion Hour/Paternity/Child Support/TPR/Adoptions
Wednesday (1st & 3rd)1 p.m.Martin CountyFinal/Evidentiary Hearings
Wednesday (2nd & 4th)9 a.m.Martin CountyDomestic Violence
Wednesday (2nd & 4th)9:15 a.m.Martin CountyJuvenile Status Offenses
Wednesday (2nd & 4th)9:30 a.m.Martin CountyDependency, Neglect & Abuse
Wednesday (2nd & 4th)1 p.m.Martin CountyFinal/Evidentiary Hearings
ThursdayTBDJohnson CountyFinal/Evidentiary Hearings
FridayTBDJohnson/Martin/Lawrence countiesFinal/Evidentiary Hearings

Family Court Judge

Janie McKenzie-Wells

Phone: 606-297-9574

Fax: 606-297-9577


Johnson County Judicial Center
908 Third St.
Paintsville, KY 41240

Lawrence County Courthouse Annex
122 Main Cross St.
Louisa, KY 41230

Martin County Courthouse
14 Court St.
Inez, KY 41224