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News of Interest: Lisabeth T. Hughes

Justice Lisabeth T. Hughes named deputy chief justice of Supreme Court

News Release

Justice Abramson delivers keynote speech at Kentucky’s 2008 Law Day celebration

The dream of peace and prosperity in America was realized only because the nation’s firm foundation of law provided a stable environment in which the dream could be nurtured, Justice Lisabeth Hughes Abramson said in her keynote speech at Kentucky’s recent Law Day celebration.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Law Day, a nationally designated day for Americans to celebrate the rule of law. Law Day underscores how law and the legal process have contributed to the freedoms all Americans share.

At Kentucky’s 2008 Law Day celebration, which was held May 1 at the Capitol, 150 new attorneys were sworn in and 15 individuals received awards for their contributions to law-related education programs.

Full Speech

Justice Lisabeth Abramson speaks on importance of legal aid in Kentucky

Justice Lisabeth Abramson speaks on importance of legal aid in Kentucky Justice Lisabeth Hughes Abramson of the Supreme Court of Kentucky was the keynote speaker when the board of the national Legal Services Corporation visited Kentucky Oct. 18, 2010, to recognize the pro bono work of lawyers and four Legal Aid organizations in Kentucky. "As economists and pundits debate recessions, economic downturns and rebounding economies, all around us life goes on," said Justice Abramson. "For many Kentucky citizens, life goes on without full-time employment, with excessive consumer debt, with fear of foreclosure and in all too many homes, with domestic violence fueled by some or all of the above." The Louisville Bar Association hosted the reception.

LSC board members also were given information about the new Kentucky Access to Justice Commission, announced Oct. 14, 2010, by Chief Justice of Kentucky John D. Minton Jr. Circuit Judge Roger Crittenden (ret.), the interim chair of the commission, and Kentucky Court of Appeals Judge Janet Stumbo took part in a panel discussion on how the KAJC can identify needs and deliver legal services throughout Kentucky.