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Supreme Court of Kentucky Rules & Procedures

20192019-05 OrderAuthorization for Release of Information Pursuant to RCR 4.08(f)
20192019-04 OrderExternal Audits of the Administrative Office of the Courts
20192019-02 OrderAppointment of Circuit Court Judge to the Bath County Project Development Board
20192019-01 Order AmendingIn Re: Appointment of Regional Judges
20182018-22 OrderIn Re: Amendments to the Rules of Administrative Procedures AP Part IV. Master Commissioners of the Circuit Court
20182018-21 OrderIn Re: Limits on Compensation of Master Commissioners for Calendar Year 2019
20182018-20 OrderIn Re: Appointment of Regional Judges
20182018-19 OrderIn Re: Authorization for the Reassignment of Pending Cases as Necessary or Convenient in the Family Court Divisions of the 28th, 54th, and 55th Judicial Circuits
20182018-18 Order AmendingIn Re: Order Amending Effective Date of the Changes to SCR 2.080(4)
20182018-17 Order AmendingSCR 4.300  Kentucky Code of Judicial Conduct (Corrected)
20182018-16 OrderIn Re: Protocol for Motions Seeking Emergency Relief
20182018-15 OrderAuthorization for the Jefferson Family Court Term’s Participation in the Jefferson Family Recovery Court Program
20182018-14 OrderProposed Amendment of Kentucky Rules of Evidence (KRE)
20182018-13 Order AmendingOrder Amending Rules of Civil Procedure (CR) & Rules of Criminal Procedure (RCr)
20182018-12 OrderAmendments to the Rules of Administrative Procedure AP Part VII, Reimbursement for Official Travel
20182018-11 Order AmendingOrder Amending Adminisrative Rules of Practice and Procedure for the Kentucky Court of Justice Electronic Filing Pilot Project
20182018-10 Order AmendingOrder Amending Rules of the Supreme Court (SCR)
20182018-09 Order AmendingAmended Order: Access to Justice
20182018-08 Order AmendingOrder Amending Rules of Civil Procedure (CR)
20182018-07 OrderAmendment of AP Part XIII, Drug Court, Pilot Project to Provide for Clinical Assessments for Kentucky Drug Court Participants
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