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2012 Judicial Branch Furlough Advisory

Judicial centers will be closed statewide and all court services will be unavailable on Monday, Oct. 15, as the Kentucky Judicial Branch shuts down for the third of three furlough days in 2012. The furloughs will affect only non-elected court personnel, who will be off work without pay as part of the Judicial Branch’s Budget Reduction Plan for FY 2013.

Closing courts statewide will impact the Judicial Branch’s partners in the law enforcement, legal and justice systems. All offices for judges and circuit court clerks will be closed and there will be no staff available on furlough days. To help your organization prepare, please see the Supreme Court orders at right on how the furloughs will be implemented. Here is a summary of what to expect on furlough days:

  • The court system will be closed statewide. That includes the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Court, District Court, Offices of Circuit Court Clerk, the Administrative Office of the Courts and all judicial services, including Drug Court, Pretrial Services, the Court Designated Worker Program, Court Interpreting Services, the State Law Library and driver license branches.
  • The Supreme Court will suspend its rule requiring pretrial officers to interview a defendant within 12 hours after incarceration. No Pretrial Services staff will be working on furlough days.
  • Deputy clerks will not be available to process bonds and no release orders will be issued.
  • Existing after-hours protocol will be followed for processing DVOs and EPOs.
  • Local court designated workers will not be available. The Court Designated Worker Program will have a supervisor available at 1-855-383-0004 to ensure that law enforcement adheres to its statutory requirements in cases involving the arrest and custody of juveniles.
  • County offices that share space with the state court system in courthouses and judicial centers will not be affected.
  • Technology Services staff will not be available to recover the CourtNet database in the event the system experiences an interruption in service.
  • Driver licenses will not be issued.
  • Any hours worked by local court security officers will not be eligible for reimbursement by the Finance Cabinet.
  • Employees will be prohibited from working overtime during the week in which a furlough day is scheduled. The lost work time will likely have an impact on dockets and other court functions beyond the weeks in which the furlough days fall.