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Jury Service Starts With You

Juror Awareness Campaign

Thanks to the generous funding of the Louisville Bar Foundation, the Administrative Office of the Courts collaborated with the Louisville Bar Association’s Public Interest Section to create the Juror Awareness Campaign, which launched Sept. 26, 2016. The goals of the campaign are to:

  • Improve the public perception of jury service.
  • Increase participation in the jury process.
  • Increase the response and appearance rates.
  • Increase jury diversity.
  • Reduce the fear of the legal process through education and access to information.

The AOC, LBF and LBA hope to accomplish these goals with a campaign that uses advertising, videos and social media to inform the public about the importance of jury service and the juror’s role in the legal process. The campaign is titled “Jury Service Starts With You” and reminds the public of the importance of serving as a juror if given the opportunity.

The AOC has created three short videos (links under Resources) that provide an overview of the jury system in Kentucky and information on what jurors can expect at each stage of the jury process.

The LBF provided grant funding that is being used to purchase 24 weeks of advertising on TARC – Transit Authority of River City – buses throughout Louisville. The campaign will be split into two 12-week flights.  The banners will appear on the exteriors and interiors of the buses and provide high-visibility advertising throughout Jefferson County. During the campaign, the banners are expected to receive more than 6 million views by people ages 18 and up.

The AOC, LBF and LBA believe this campaign will have a positive impact on the administration of justice in Jefferson County by improving the public perception of jury service and increasing the response rates to jury summonses.