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Information for Teachers & Students

Law Related Education

To demystify the law, encourage citizenship and develop court/community partnerships through community outreach and training programs for adult and juvenile Kentuckians.

Law-related education teaches citizens about the law, the legal process and the fundamental principles of our constitutional democracy. It gives individuals an understanding of our complex legal system and the ability to contribute to society as thoughtful, well-informed citizens. The goals of law-related education are to:

  • Demystify the law and legal proceedings.
  • Provide a balanced view of the law.
  • Develop critical-thinking abilities.
  • Prevent delinquent behavior.
  • Increase interaction with members of the legal community.
  • Teach youth their rights and responsibilities under the law.

Kentucky laid the foundation for a strong LRE program when the Court of Justice began its Law Related Education Initiative in 1990. The Administrative Office of the Courts formed the Division of Law Related Education under the Department of Juvenile Services. The division provides training programs on the court system to juvenile justice practitioners, law enforcement officials, educators, court personnel and attorneys statewide.

Participants in LRE programs benefit from relevant course materials, presentations by court system experts, field experiences such as courtroom tours and mock trials, and opportunities to take part in civic and community projects.