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Legal Form Instructions

Please read carefully before you begin to fill out the forms. It might be helpful to print a copy of these instructions for use while filling out the forms. Help is also available by clicking on the Help button at the bottom of each form (which will bring you back to this page).

For full functionality of these forms, use Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5 or higher. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

The tab keys cannot be used exclusively to navigate the fields while filling out these forms. While the tab key will always take the cursor to the next fillable field, the mouse must be used to select Individual or Other for each entity (Plaintiff, Defendant etc.), or the correct fields will not show. Also, the mouse must be used to select the State and sometimes the County. Red text will appear whenever this is the case. Once a selection has been made, use the tab key to take the cursor to the next field (so none are missed).

Please use the mouse to become familiar with the form before entering any information. As the mouse passes over each field, where explanations are necessary, red text will appear explaining what information to place in that field.

There are 3 buttons at the bottom of every page: Print, Help, and Reset Form. The Print button will print the form to your local printer. The Help button will bring you back to this page. The Reset Form button will clear all data from all the fields in the form.

Not all fields are fillable electronically. Any field needing information will allow you to tab or to click into it with the mouse (the mouse will change from a little hand to an I-bar). If the mouse remains a hand, that field must be completed after the form is printed or delivered to the Clerk's Office (including but not limited to signatures and many dates).

Any field asking for information which you do not understand or do not have should be left blank. (i.e. Case Numbers, dates) Forms with inaccurate information will not be accepted by the Clerk's Office.

Forms downloaded for future use need to be continually checked for updates. In the upper left-hand corner of each form is a revision date. Clerks will be unable to accept forms which are not current.

Some forms will take 30-60 seconds to download, so please be patient.

Saving the form

To save forms which contain any information you typed in, you must purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat, not just download the free Reader. To navigate these forms, use the mouse and the tab key. Tab will take the cursor to the next field; shift+tab will take the cursor back one field. The Enter key does not function within these forms and will not take the cursor anywhere.

Information entered into the forms is not saved. The forms are designed to be printed without any information or for information to be entered and then printed. Therefore, once the form is printed, click the Reset Form button at the bottom of each page, and the information will be deleted from the screen. This should be done at the completion of each form so that the next person to use that computer will not see any personal information.

Name fields

Some forms require First, Middle and Last names to be separated into different fields. Where this occurs, red text will appear. If the form only requires a full name typed together in one field, red text will appear saying Full Name.

Date Fields

When prompted for Month and Date, please enter the appropriate Month and Date of that Month (i.e., February 13). When prompted for Year, please enter all four digits of the year (i.e., 1999). When prompted for the last 3 digits of Year, please only enter the last 3 digits (i.e., 001 for 2001 as the 2 is already indicated on the form).


These forms are made available to the public and to the bar in a Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format by the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). If a form is printed from this website and then altered or modified, it is no longer an AOC form. Before a modified form is submitted for filing, both the seal of the Commonwealth and the AOC form number must be removed from the document.