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Tim’s Law Forms

These forms were created as a result of Senate Bill 91, also known as Tim’s Law. The Kentucky General Assembly passed Tim’s Law in 2017. Tim's Law statutes can be found at Kentucky Revised Statutes 202A.0811-0831.

Tim’s Law authorizes state District Courts to order assisted outpatient treatment for individuals who have been involuntarily hospitalized at least twice in the past twelve months, who are diagnosed with a serious mental illness, who are unlikely to adequately adhere to outpatient treatment on a voluntary basis, and for whom court-ordered assisted outpatient treatment is the least restrictive alternative mode of treatment available and appropriate.

* As set out in KRS 202A.0829, the implementation of Tim’s Law is “contingent upon adequate funding by any unit of state or local government or divisions thereof, special purpose governmental entity, or any other entity able to utilize funds for the purposes set forth in KRS 202A.0811 to 202A.0831. Funding may be provided through the appropriation of federal, state, or local resources or from donations, grants, gifts, or pledges from private resources.”​​​​