Fayette Master Commissioner

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Master commissioners are appointed by the circuit judge to serve in each county to assist the judge with judicial sales and spe​ci​al proc​​​eedings or other duties as directed by the court. Judicial sales typically involve properties that eventually must be disposed of by court action, such as foreclosures.


In order to comply with the orders of the Fayette Circuit Court, the Commissioner will sell the property described in the following action on June 27, 2022, at the hour of 12:00 noon in the ROBERT F. STEPHENS COURTHOUSES, FAYETTE CIRCUIT COURT BUILDING, 120 NORTH LIMESTONE, Lexington, Kentucky. A bailiff will direct you to the appropriate room. Said property shall be sold to raise the amounts hereinafter set forth, together with interest and the costs of the action, and upon the (unless otherwise indicated) following terms and conditions.

  • (A) At the time of sale the successful bidder shall either pay cash or make a deposit of 10% of the purchase price with the balance on credit for thirty (30) days. In the event the successful bidder does not pay cash, the bidder will be required to post bond and furnish an acceptable surety thereon. Said bond shall be for the unpaid purchase price and bear interest at the rate the judgment bears from the date of sale until paid, and shall have the force and effect of a judgment.
  • (B) The purchaser shall be required to assume and pay all taxes or assessments upon the property for the current fiscal tax year (i.e. the amount that will be due thru June 30, 2022) and all subsequent years.  All other delinquent taxes or assessments upon the property for prior years shall be paid from the sale proceeds if properly claimed in writing and filed of record by the purchaser within ten (10) days from the date of sale.
  • (C) ​The property shall otherwise be sold free and clear of any right, title and interest of all parties to the action and of their liens and encumbrances thereon, excepting easements and restrictions of record in the Fayette County Court Clerk's Office and such right of redemption as may exist in favor of the United States of America or the defendant(s).

Master Commissioner Sales are "Buyer Beware" Sales. The Property is sold "As Is" "Where Is." The condition of the property is not warranted by the Court, by the Master Commissioner, or by the Plaintiff. If you bid on property, you should have done your due diligence before you bid, not after! FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING THESE SALES AND OTHER UPCOMING SALES, AS WELL AS PAST SALES CAN BE FOUND AT WWW.FAYCOM.INFO.  PROSPECTIVE BIDDERS ARE ADVISED AND ENCOURAGED TO REFER TO THAT WEB SITE FOR ANSWERS TO THEIR QUESTIONS.

  1. 1301 SWOONALONG COURT, 22-CI-00440, Amt. to be raised $159,965.92. Parcel No. 13942652
  2. 214 BROADVIEW DRIVE, 22-CI-00975, Amt. to be raised $104,426.15. Parcel No. ​46057600
  3. 205 MEADOW VALLEY ROAD, 20-CI-01952, Amt. to be raised $139,981.64. Parcel No. 19960830
  4. 2205 SAVANNAH LANE, 21-CI-00382, Amt. to be raised $355,587.30. Parcel No. 38021800
  5. 712 WEST MAXWELL STREET, 19-CI-04475, Amt. to be raised $702,129.46. Parcel No. 14465600
  6. 1732 COSTIGAN DRIVE, 16-CI-04013, Amt. to be raised $79,846.53. Parcel No. 16630025
  7. 2117 SHELTON ROAD, 21-CI-00492, Amt. to be raised $804,837.20. Parcel No. 20094050
  8. 3532 CORNWALL DRIVE, 18-CI-00102, Amt. to be raised $160,059.09. Parcel No. 21854450
  9. 288 PREAKNESS DRIVE, 21-CI-02724, Amt. to be raised $160,603.72. Parcel No. 38017950

James H. Frazier, III
Master Commissioner