Finance & Administration

The Office of Finance & Administration is responsible for the Judicial Branch budget and the accounting, procurement, contract management, property accountability, capital construction, real property and court security functions of the Kentucky Court of Justice.

These functions are carried out by the Departments of Budget, Financial Services and Court Facilities.

Department of Budget

The Administrative Office of the Courts is the fiscal agent for the Judicial Branch. The Department of Budget prepares and executes the annual operating budget, which involves preparing the Judicial Branch Biennial Budget Recommendation and Budget Request for submission to the Kentucky General Assembly. 

The department also analyzes the fiscal impact of legislation and manages all grant functions for the KCOJ.

The Judicial Branch is funded by appropriations from the General Assembly. The budget represents approximately 3.4% of the total state general funds each biennium. The budget pays for all expenses of the state court system, including the salaries of elected officials and non-elected personnel, court facilities, court technology, office supplies and equipment.

The court system deposits all funds it collects from filing fees and court costs into the state treasury for general fund disbursement. The only exceptions are the law library fee, the county jail fee and the sheriff security fee, which are distributed at the local level, and third-party money.

Department of Financial Services

The Department of Financial Services handles accounting and procurement through its two divisions. 

The Division of Accounting Services processes and pays invoices, deposits revenues, tracks and monitors expenditures and receipts, and processes travel vouchers for court personnel. Accounting Services is responsible for property accountability and surplussing physical property. The division also manages fleet vehicles, guest services, and shipping and receiving for the AOC's main office in Frankfort.

The Division of Procurement manages solicitations and purchases for all goods, equipment, supplies and services for the KCOJ. Procurement also negotiates, awards, manages and renews all contracts.

Department of Court Facilities

The Department of Court Facilities oversees capital construction and the operation and maintenance of court facilities statewide through its two divisions.

The Division of Capital Construction manages the new construction and renovation of judicial facilities.

The Division of Real Property maintains existing court facilities and procures private sector lease space when necessary.

The Court Security Unit conducts security assessments on all facilities owned, leased and occupied by the court system and maintains security devices in court facilities. Court Security officers provide security for certain court proceedings and events.

The Warehouse Unit handles the logistics of furniture, equipment and surplus property.