Circuit Court Clerk Conduct Commission

The Circuit Court Clerk Conduct Commission investigates and reviews complaints against circuit court clerks. The commission assists the chief justice of Kentucky and the Supreme Court of Kentucky by receiving and investigating these complaints and making recommendations to the chief justice for action. 

Any individual or group with knowledge of possible circuit court clerk misconduct or wrongdoing may file a written complaint. 

Sanctions for misconduct range from confidential reprimands to recommendation of removal from office. While the majority of Kentucky's circuit court clerks are committed to maintaining the high standards expected of the office, an effective method of imposing sanctions on circuit court clerks who engage in misconduct or wrongdoing is essential to the efficient operation of the judicial system. Commission proceedings provide a fair and objective means to preserve the integrity of the judicial process. 

The following types of circuit court clerk misconduct may lead to disciplinary actions. This list is not all-inclusive. 

  • Misconduct in office
  • Professional incompetence
  • Habitual intemperance
  • Refusal or failure to perform required duties
  • Refusal or failure to conform to Supreme Court of Kentucky policies and directives
  • Felony charge or indictment
  • Conviction of a crime

The commission is composed of seven members who serve three-year terms. The members are four circuit court clerks appointed by the chief justice, one sitting or retired judge appointed by the chief justice, one attorney in good standing with the Kentucky Bar Association appointed by the chief justice and one citizen member appointed by the Kentucky Association of Circuit Court Clerks.

​Voting members 

Linda Avery
Calloway County Circuit Court Clerk  

Loretta Crady
Hardin County Circuit Court Clerk

Stephanie King-Logsdon
McLean County Circuit Court Clerk

Mike Redden
Pendleton County Circuit Court Clerk

Susan Johnson, ret.
District Court

Clay Wilkey
Attorney Member

Charles Jonathon Evans
Citizen Member

Alternate Members  

Vincent Riggs
Fayette County Circuit Court Clerk

Tommy Garrett
Metcalfe County Circuit Court Clerk

Craig Overstreet
Casey County Circuit Court Clerk

Tyler Phillips
Lee County Circuit Court Clerk

Vanessa Dickson, ret.
District Court

Jackie Sue Wright
Attorney Member

Roger Deaton
Citizen Member

​The commission’s purpose is to support circuit court clerks in maintaining high standards of integrity, impartiality and independence in order to promote public confidence in the judicial system. Circuit court clerks perform duties prescribed by the Kentucky Constitution, statutes, rules and administrative procedures that are integral to Kentucky Court of Justice operations. They have a prominent role as the face of the Office of Circuit Court Clerk for the statewide judicial system.

The Supreme Court created the Circuit Court Clerk Conduct Commission after consulting with the full membership of the Kentucky Association of Circuit Court Clerks and adopting an administrative procedure that became effective Jan. 1, 2013.

How to File a Complaint

Complaints must be submitted in writing to the Circuit Court Clerk Conduct Commission. The complaint form is provided in a fillable PDF format for users to type their information into the form. Print the completed form, sign the signature line on page 2 and mail the form to the commission.

The commission only has the authority to review complaints made against elected circuit court clerks and not the nonelected deputy circuit court clerks or office staff. Complaints cannot be anonymous.

The rules governing the commission require confidentiality during the investigation process. If the complaint states facts that, if true, would constitute official misconduct or otherwise improper conduct, then a copy of the complaint, including the name of the person who filed the complaint, will be provided to the circuit court clerk under investigation. The circuit court clerk will also receive a written statement that no retaliation will be taken against the person who filed the complaint.

​Contact Information

Circuit Court Clerk Conduct Commission
Supreme Court of Kentucky
Attention: Chief of Staff and Counsel

State Capitol, Room 235
700 Capitol Ave.
Frankfort, KY 40601

Phone 502-564-4162
Fax 502-564-1933