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Legal Forms

AOC-005-AJuror QualificationClerks Use
AOC-013Juror Strike SheetClerks Use
AOC-025[ ] Subpoena [ ] Subpoena Duces TecumGeneral
AOC-025.1[ ] Subpoena [ ] Subpoena Duces TecumGeneral
AOC-026Motion for Waiver of Costs and Fees and to Proceed In Forma Pauperis; Affidavit; Financial Statement; and OrderCivil
AOC-032Petition/Motion for Removal of Firearm ProhibitionsHouse Bill 308 (pertains to firearms control)
AOC-034Personal Identifier Data Sheet (Mental Health/Disability/Incompetency)House Bill 308 (pertains to firearms control)
AOC-040Waiver of RecordingGeneral
AOC-070Kentucky Court of Appeals Civil Appeal Prehearing StatementCourt of Appeals
AOC-1025.1Order for Medical Testing and Body Substance SampleCOVID-19
AOC-1025.3Order for Quarantine of Individual Pursuant to KRS 212.245(6)COVID-19
AOC 1025.4Order for Isolation of Individual Pursuant to 902 KAR 2:030COVID-19
AOC-1026Contact InformationCOVID-19
AOC 1026.1Verification of ComplianceCOVID-19
AOC-104Civil Case Cover SheetCivil
AOC-105Civil SummonsCivil
AOC-110Appointment of Warning Order AttorneyCivil
AOC-120Third-Party SummonsCivil
AOC-130Bill of CostsCivil
AOC-135.1Affidavit to Challenge ExecutionCivil
AOC-141SOrder Referring Case to Master Commissioner For Judicial SaleMaster Commissioner
AOC-141SPOrder Referring Case to Special Master Commissioner for Judicial SaleMaster Commissioner
AOC-145Affidavit for Writ of Non-Wage GarnishmentCivil
AOC-150.2Affidavit to Challenge Garnishment [ ] Wage [ ] Non-WageCivil
AOC-152Uniform Child Support Order and/or Wage/Income Withholding Order [ ] New Order [ ] Amended Order [ ] Order for Wage/Income WithholdingCivil
AOC-155Supersedeas BondCivil
AOC-160Notice and Affidavit of Foreign Judgment RegistrationGeneral
AOC-175Small Claims ComplaintSmall Claims
AOC-180Small Claims SummonsSmall Claims
AOC-185Small Claims Counter-ClaimSmall Claims
AOC-190Small Claims JudgmentSmall Claims
AOC-191Motion for Satisfaction of Judgment (Small Claims)Small Claims
AOC-191.1Order Entry of Satisfaction of Judgment (Small Claims)Small Claims
AOC-197Small Claims Post-Judgment InterrogatoriesSmall Claims
AOC-198Small Claims Post-Judgment Motion/Order Requiring Losing Party to Answer InterrogatoriesSmall Claims
AOC-199Small Claims Settlement Agreement & OrderSmall Claims
AOC-202Petition to Marry and Affidavit of ConsentCivil
AOC-207Order for Recovery of Necessary Expense in Defense of IndigentCivil
AOC-215Eviction Notice: Notice of Eviction Hearing Trial by CourtCivil
AOC-216Forcible Detainer ComplaintCivil
AOC-217Forcible Detainer JudgmentCivil
AOC-218Forcible Detainer Settlement AgreementDistrict
AOC-220Eviction Notice: Warrant of PossessionCivil
AOC-237Status Quo OrderCivil
AOC-238/239[ ]Preliminary Verified Disclosure Statement [ ] Final Verfied Disclosure StatementCivil
AOC-238.1/239.1     Simplified [ ] Preliminary [ ] Final Verified Disclosure StatementCivil
AOC-238.3/239.3Acknowledgment of [ ] Preliminary [ ] Final Verified Disclosure StatementCivil
AOC-239.2Affidavit of No Change in Circumstances Requiring the Filing of a Final Verified Disclosure StatementCivil
AOC-240Notice of Filing [ ] Domestic Relations Commissioner's Report [ ] Master Commissioner's ReportCivil
AOC-241Notice of RelocationCivil
AOC-242Parenting Conduct OrderFCRPP
AOC-245Dissolution Of Marriage Findings of Fact and Conclusions of LawCivil
AOC-260Abortion PetitionCivil
AOC-262Notice of Appeal on Denial of Self-Consent Abortion by a MinorCivil
AOC-275.1Petition/Motion for Order of ProtectionDomestic Violence
AOC-275.6Motion to Amend Prior Order of ProtectionDomestic Violence
AOC-275.14Respondent’s Financial Statement, Affidavit of Indigency, Request for Reduced GPMS Costs, and OrderDomestic Violence
AOC-275.18Motion for Expungement of Emergency/Temporary Order of ProtectionDomestic Violence
AOC-280Notice of Submission of Case for Final AdjudicationGeneral
AOC-290Petition to Inspect Adoption RecordsCivil
AOC-292Appearance Waiver and Consent to AdoptCivil
AOC-295Petition for Name ChangeCivil
AOC-331Application for Deferred ProsecutionHouse Bill 463 (enacts penal code reform)
AOC-331.1Order Acknowledging Deferred ProsecutionHouse Bill 463 (enacts penal code reform)
AOC-332Order Terminating Deferred ProsecutionHouse Bill 463 (enacts penal code reform)
AOC-333Order Sealing Records for Successful Deferred ProsecutionHouse Bill 463 (enacts penal code reform)
AOC-334Order Voiding Conviction and Sealing RecordsHouse Bill 463 (enacts penal code reform)
AOC-335Affidavit for Search WarrantCriminal
AOC-343Certificate of Performance of Community ServiceCriminal
AOC-345Order Granting Pretrial Diversion of Class D Felony (Also file AOC 491 or AOC 491.2)Pretrial Diversion
AOC-346Order Voiding Pretrial Diversion of a Class D FelonyPretrial Diversion
AOC-347Motion for Pretrial Diversion of a Class D Felony (Also file AOC 491 or AOC 491.2)Pretrial Diversion
AOC-350Financial Statement, Affidavit of Indigency, Request for Counsel and Order (Criminal Cases)Criminal
AOC-360Sworn Schedule for Bail Bond Secured by Real EstateCriminal
AOC-360.1Sworn Schedule for Bail Bond Secured by Stocks and BondsCriminal
AOC-365.2Notice of Bail CreditHouse Bill 463 (enacts penal code reform)
AOC-375Peace BondCriminal
AOC-411Private Probation Agency Requirements and AgreementCriminal
AOC-420Recognizance of WitnessesCriminal
AOC-426Notice of Jail Credit and Release (Nonpayment)House Bill 463 (enacts penal code reform)
AOC-430Confiscation of Contraband EvidenceCriminal
AOC-440Waiver of Jury TrialCriminal
AOC-475Waiver of ExtraditionCriminal
AOC-480Entry of Appearance and Plea of Guilty (Performance Bond)Criminal
AOC-485Prosecuting Witness Appearance BondCriminal
AOC-490Acknowledgment of Scheduled Court AppearanceCriminal
AOC-491Motion to Enter Guilty PleaCriminal
AOC-491.1Commonwealth's Offer on a Plea of GuiltyCriminal
AOC-491.2Motion to Enter Guilty Plea Pursuant to North Carolina vs. AlfordCriminal
AOC-492 (Rev. 5-16)Application for Hardship Driver's LicenseDUI
AOC-492 (Rev. 7-20)Application for Hardship Driver's LicenseDUI
AOC-492.1 (Rev. 6-09)Application for Hardship Driver’s License (Restitution Owed /Theft-Related Offense)Criminal
AOC-492.1 (Rev. 7-20)Application for Hardship Driver’s License (Restitution Owed /Theft-Related Offense)Criminal
AOC-492.A (Rev. 5-16)Affidavit for Hardship LicenseDUI
AOC-492.A (Rev. 7-20)Affidavit for Hardship LicenseDUI
AOC-493.2Motion for Driver's License ReinstatementCriminal
AOC-494Notice to Attend Alcohol Driver Education ProgramDUI
AOC-495 (Rev. 4-16)DUI (Guilty Plea)DUI
AOC-495 (Rev. 7-20)DUI (Guilty Plea)DUI
AOC-495.10Post-Acquittal Application for Authorization to Apply for an Ignition Interlock License and DeviceDUI
AOC-495.12Application to Court Upon Conviction for Authorization to Apply for an Ignition Interlock License and DeviceDUI
AOC-495.3Application and Order for Hardship Vehicle RegistrationDUI
AOC-495.4Pretrial Application for Authorization to Apply for Ignition Interlock License and DeviceDUI
AOC-495.8Financial Statement, Affidavit of Indigency, and Request for Reduced Ignition Interlock Device CostsDUI
AOC-496.2Petition for Expungement (For Misdemeanor, Violation, or Traffic Infraction Conviction)Expungement
AOC-496.3Application to Vacate and Expunge Felony ConvictionExpungement
AOC-497.2Petition for Expungement (For Acquittal, Dismissal, or Failure to Indict)Expungement
AOC-700AVerified Petition for 60/360 Day Involuntary Treatment (Substance Use Disorder)Involuntary Treatment
AOC-703ACertification of Qualified Health Professional Involuntary Treatment (Substance Use Disorder)Involuntary Treatment
AOC-706Hospitalization/Disability SummonsHospitalization Disability
AOC-710Verified Petition for Involuntary Hospitalization (Mental Illness) or Involuntary Admission (Intellectual Disability)Hospitalization Disability
AOC-712Certification of Qualified Mental Health Professional for 72 Hour HospitalizationHospitalization Disability
AOC-724Community-Based Outpatient Treatment Agreed OrderHospitalization Disability
AOC-735Petition to Set Hearing to Determine Involuntary Participation of Treatment of Hospitalized PersonHospitalization Disability
AOC-737Verified Petition for Court-Ordered Assisted Outpatient TreatmentTim's Law
AOC-737.1Examination Certification for Court-Ordered Assisted Outpatient TreatmentTim's Law
AOC-737.2Findings of Probable Cause and Order Setting Examination, Appointing Counsel, and Setting Hearing (Court-Ordered Assisted Outpatient Treatment)Tim's Law
AOC-737.3Court-Ordered Assisted Outpatient Treatment SummonsTim's Law
AOC-737.4Transport Order Upon Failure to Appear for Examination (Court-Ordered Assisted Outpatient Treatment)Tim's Law
AOC-737.5Judgment and Order for Court-Ordered Assisted Outpatient TreatmentTim's Law
AOC-737.6Motion to Stay, Vacate, or Modify Order (Court-Ordered Assisted Outpatient Treatment)Tim's Law
AOC-740Petition to Determine if DisabledGuardian Conservator
AOC-745Application for Appointment of Fiduciary for Disabled PersonsGuardian Conservator
AOC-747Petition/Application for Emergency Appointment of Fiduciary for Disabled PersonsGuardian Conservator
AOC-765Report of Interdisciplinary Evaulation TeamGuardian Conservator
AOC-777Verified Petition for the Voluntary Appointment of a Guardian or Conservator and Standby Guardian and OrderHospitalization Disability
AOC-790Annual Report of GuardianHospitalization Disability
AOC-795Petition for Relief, Modification or TerminationProbate
AOC-796Standard Power of Attorney for Medical/School Decision MakingGeneral
AOC-806Order Probating Will and Appointing Executor/ExecutrixProbate
AOC-807Certificate of QualificationProbate
AOC-820Petition for Appointment of Trustee Under WillProbate
AOC-825Fiduciary BondProbate
AOC-830Petition/Order to Dispense with Administration (Surviving Spouse/Children/Preferred Creditor)Probate
AOC-841Inventory and Appraisement of EstateProbate
AOC-846Settlement of EstateProbate
AOC-850Informal Final Settlement: Affidavit, Motion and OrderProbate
AOC-851Affidavit of Waiver of Formal SettlementProbate
AOC-852Petition for Appointment of Guardian/Conservator for MinorProbate
AOC-853Application for Appointment as Guardian/Conservator for MinorProbate
AOC-85560 Day Inventory or Supplemental Inventory [ ] Minor [ ] Disabled PersonProbate
AOC-856Periodic/Final Settlement of Guardian/Conservator for [ ] Minor [ ] Disabled PersonProbate
AOC-857Application for and Declaration of Death due to a Catastrophic EventProbate
AOC-858Petition by Crematory to Authorize Cremation of Decedent and OrderProbate
AOC-859Petition to Prevent Cremation of DecedentProbate
AOC-860Affidavit for Probate Fee Exemption and OrderProbate
AOC-INT-1Statement for Interpreting ServicesCourt Interpreting Services
AOC-INT-2Court Interpreting Services Continuing Education FormCourt Interpreting Services
AOC-INT-3Court Interpreting Services Acceptance of the Kentucky Certification PolicyCourt Interpreting Services
AOC-INT-4Court Interpreting Services Certification Request Form for Criminal Background CheckCourt Interpreting Services
AOC-INT-5Court Interpreting Services Information FormCourt Interpreting Services
AOC-INT-6Court Interpreting Services Acceptance of Interpreter Oath and Code of Professional ResponsibilityCourt Interpreting Services
AOC-INT-7Release FormCourt Interpreting Services
AOC-INT-8Statement for Court ObservationCourt Interpreting Services
AOC-INT-10Request for Interpreter/Assistive Technology "Deaf/Hard of Hearing"Court Interpreting Services
AOC-INT-11Request for Interpreter/Assistive Technology - Attorney who is Deaf/Hard of HearingCourt Interpreting Services
AOC-INT-12Court Interpreter Certification Program Request for ReciprocityCourt Interpreting Services
BCD-1Agreed Order Reassigning Case to Business Court DocketBusiness Court Docket
BCD-2Motion for Reassignment to Business Court DocketBusiness Court Docket
BCD-3Referral of Case, Sua Sponte, to Business Court DocketBusiness Court Docket
BCD-4Order Granting or Denying Reassignment to Business Court DocketBusiness Court Docket
AOC-CFCRB-8Kentucky Citizen Foster Care Review Board Vounteer ApplicationCFCRB
AOC-CFCRB-12Citizen Foster Care Review Board Case Selection for Interested Party ReviewCFCRB
AOC-CFCRB-16Findings and Recommendations [ ] Interested Party Review Board [ ] Case Review BoardCFCRB
AOC-DNA-1Juvenile Dependency/Neglect or Abuse Petition [ ] w/Emergency Custody Order AffidavitDependency, Neglect and Abuse
AOC-DNA-2.1Emergency Custody Order AffidavitDependency, Neglect and Abuse
AOC-DNA-11Financial Statement, Affidavit of Indigence, Request for Counsel and Order (DNA/TPR Cases)Dependency, Neglect and Abuse
AOC-DNA-12Dependency/Neglect or Abuse Dispositional ReportDependency, Neglect and Abuse
AOC-DNA-13Notice of Names and Addresses of Interested Parties to be Noticed by Clerk for HearingsDependency, Neglect and Abuse
AOC-DNA-18Stipulation of Facts & Waiver of Formal Adjudication Hearing [ ] Dependency [ ] Neglect or AbuseDependency, Neglect and Abuse
AOC-FC-3[ ] Circuit [ ] District [ ] Family Court Case Data Information SheetCivil
AOC-INT-7Release FormCourt Interpreting Services
AOC-JV-14Mental Health Transportation OrderJuvenile
AOC-JV-23Verified Petition for Involuntary HospitalizationJuvenile
AOC-JV-24Order Granting Emergency Hospitalization and Evaluation (Juvenile Mental Health)Juvenile
AOC-JV-25Order Denying Petition for Emergency HospitalizationJuvenile
AOC-JV-30Petition to Vacate and Expunge Juvenile RecordJuvenile
AOC-JV-38Affidavit and Beyond Control of Parent Evaluation FormJuvenile
AOC-JV-38.1Affidavit and Beyond Control of School Evaulation FormJuvenile
AOC-JV-41Affidavit and Truancy Evaluation FormJuvenile
AOC-JV-49Notice of Juvenile Rights and ConsequencesJuvenile
AOC-JV-51Admission or Confession and Waiver of Formal Adjudication Hearing [ ] Status Offense [ ] Public OffenseJuvenile
AOC-JV-53Informal Adjustment Agreement and OrderJuvenile
AOC-RU-004Records Check RequestCriminal Record Report
AOC-RU-005Licensing Agency RequestCriminal Record Report
AOC-RU-006Emergency Services RequestCriminal Record Report
AOC-RU-009Expungement Certification RequestCriminal Record Report
AOC-SJ-10Retired Judge Monthly Reporting FormAOC
AOC-SJ-12Application for the Retired Judges ProgramAOC
AOC-SJ-20Retired Justice or Judge Voucher for Services as Special JudgeAOC


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